Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#66 Pinecraft's Young Old People

Pinecraft is not a Ghost Town anymore. For a number of years, at least the last six years there was nothing going on during the summer months in Pinecraft. During the daytime there still isn't, but come evening the Shuffleboard is busy every evening. This is the gathering place. 

Every eight/ten years the old people pass on or are no longer able to be out and about. With a bit of time a younger group of old people take the previous old people's place. Some are here to stay, while others are here for business reasons. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

#65 The Gunny Sack Gang

 This is the one side of the stage at Penn station in Arthur Illinois. Not everyone that was on stage is in the pictures as each player comes and goes. Seated on the left is Ed Herschberger. Two of his sons are ion the left. I don't know if I ever met Ed's parents while visiting Bloomfield, but I knew of them while I lived in Aylmer Ontario, because the David Wagler family had moved from Aylmer to Bloomfield.  So the Aylmerites kept a good eye on the Bloomfield happenings during those years.  But anyway I knew of his family, the Monroe Herschbergers, plus Ed's two oldest brothers were one of the six in Ira Wagler's book "Growing Up Amish." 

 The bottom picture is the opposite side, with the dancing couple. 
I sat in the front row between Fred's two sisters and so I had the best view. At least two of the songs were in honor of Fred's sisters in the front row. Actually the second song was in honor of all the ladies in the front row, so that included myself and a few other ladies than just Fred's sisters.  

I so much enjoyed last evening. Thanks you again to the Helmuth Siblings for inviting me and taking good care of me. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#64 Back-Haus

This afternoon I sat outside for a good long while and really took in my surroundings. I have always admired this old Back-Haus. Obviously it is not used anymore, although forty years ago it was occasionally used especially so when my parents and siblings came for a visit. Harold's grandparents used to own this home and not much has changed as far as out buildings. It has a beauty all its own.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

#63 Three Generations

I spent the evening at my Nephew Mose and Hana's place. These are the three generations, Mose is Sister Betty's oldest son, Harold is Betty's husband and Peter is Betty's grandson. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

#62 A Pony Ride

Getting my pony ride with my great niece Grace. She gave me a couple of rounds in the field. Every now and then James would stop for a bite of fresh green grass. All in all the ride went very well for a six year old driver. She is cut out to be a future farmer. 

#61 The Corn Crib

Yesterday when I saw this corn crib, it finally soaked in how families from the previous generation used to live in a cron crib. Whenever Marie Beachy (Yup Marie) related how they used to live in a corn crib I always visualized an Ohio cron crib which no person could survive.  But seeing this midwestern corn crib, I realize that a person could fix this up for living quarters.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

#60 Caldwell Illinois Blooms

This photo was mend for Friday after arriving at my Sister Betty's place in Caldwell Illinois. I didn't get it posted last night, which was okay. When I am with family I don't sit at the computer as much. I took a walk and found all kinds of beautiful flowers, old standbys that have been around for generations.