Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo for Day 2

My photo for today is sunbonnets. Sewing is one of my gifts. I come from a family of eight girls and all of us, including Mom have been seamstress or doing alteration work, except one sister. She never could sew a straight seam and always looked shabby if she did manage to make a dress for herself. But there was a solution to her lack of sewing skills. She was an outdoor girl and so she would trade work with her next younger sister in doing Dena's yard work while Dena sewed her a dress or two.

But anyway today was a day when my fingers were just itching to sew and so I started sewing sunbonnets. I have been making these to sell for a number of years already, mostly to Amish and Mennonite stores in North Carolina and Tennessee. It is just understandable that the south is the area where sunbonnets sell the best. Also during the winter months women pick them up here at the house.

These two bonnets are not or order but sooner or later they will get sold. The big bonnet is an average adult size and the smaller one fits a 3-6 year old girl. I have five different size patterns. I don't have much expense in a bonnet as I look for scraps and clean out other peoples' left over material.

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