Monday, October 10, 2011

Day # 36 - A Tack in the Tire

I left the tack in the tire. I knew my bike tires could use a little more air to make the bike roll faster, so the last few days I have kept my eye open whenever I bike past the Laundromat to see if a gentleman is around that would put some air in for me. Today such a time came as the caretaker himself was there talking with Frank and so I biked in and waited until the men had finished their conversation. And then I looked down on my tire and there was the tack.

Once before this very thing had happened and my first impulse was to quickly pull out the tack, but I was told not to as my tire would be flat in short order. So today I didn't touch the tack and David put in some more air and off I went flying down the street as only bikes can fly. But I know I will have to get another inner tube shortly because when I stop the bike on the tack, air slowly leaks out.  

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