Friday, October 14, 2011

Day # 40 - Savings at CVS

Today I went shopping at CVS. Years ago I had chosen CVS at my pharmacy as it is within biking distance of my home. And I buy quite a bit in there, all my basic needs that is not fresh produce. Today was my best day of shopping and saving. I went in with a $3.00 gift reward as a birthday gift from CVS, a $7.00 reward coupon and a 25% off coupon. Plus I had a coupon for almost everything else I bought.  I left the store with paying less than half of my bill. The clerk said wistfully that I did well.

I think the most delightful thing I bought was dark chocolate. It takes only one to satisfy my chocolate craving. After all this is 72% cacao, with very little sweetener added. It tastes a little bit bitter. The very first piece I ate when I bought my first package of this chocolate I wasn't overly fond of it but after eating a few more over the next few days, it became my favorite candy.  

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