Monday, October 24, 2011

Day # 50 - Hi-Five

This is the first time that I posted the same picture on two separate posts. But this photo also goes well with the ones I posted on Facebook tonight. Finally life in Pinecraft is a bit more active. quite a number of people have arrived in Sarasota over the weekend or rather late last week. Tonight they came one by one through the park.

Ray Schlabach was metal detecting and got some coins, while his wife went fishing down by the creek. Nelson Hostetler from Plain City Ohio stopped to watch the Shuffleboard games. But I didn't get a shot of any of these people as tonight I was shuffling, something I hadn't done for a year. Katie Beiler and I won two out of three games and so here Mervin, the cheerful looser is giving me a hi-five. His wife Fannie Kay was his partner. Mervin always remind me of a St Bernard Pup, a huge man with a gentle heart.

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