Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day # 55 - Becky Fisher's Chair

Today about as soon as the sun broke through the clouds I was out the door and biked as fast as my legs could pedal to CVS, but at the Laundromat I was stopped by a man hollering at me. So I stopped and he introduced himself as Becky Fisher's step-son. They are down here at Becky's house getting ready for the estate sale next week. Elmer invited me in for a visit at Becky's house. So I did after shopping at CVS. When I was offered a seat, I asked for Becky's little chair to sit on as it is my size. I visited for a bit and got up to go and it was then when they offered this chair to me in memory of Becky Fisher. I am so pleased is stating it mildly, for I always got this chair out of her kitchen and carried it into the living room by her recliner whenever I came for a visit during the last six weeks of her life. After each visit I would carry it back in a corner in the kitchen and I bid her good-bye and leave until the next visit, until there were no more visits.   


  1. Hi Katie, this is about as sweet a remembrance of someone as I can think! Something personal that brings back treasured moments of time well spent.

    I have to play catch up with your pics ... always a fun thing to do when I've been away!