Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day # 60 - Speed Check on Horseback

Today was a day when I dropped what I was doing and biked off with the camera. My niece Barbara text messaged that the police are speed checking on horseback. So we went and found them at Birky and Beneva. They checked the speed as the vehicles came over the hump of the railroad track or the creek and pulled them into Birky to do their business. They were pulling in people one right after the other one. I am only posting the shots of a motorcycle rider, the one man that looked like a preacher. If he actually is a preacher, he will have something to preach on Sunday. The bottom left picture had Ohio license plates and looked like three old harmless people. Maybe this is the last speeding ticket he will ever get. But who knows.

After a while I biked off and ended up behind the Tourist church house at their parking lot to wait until the Pioneer Trails bus comes in, and Lo & Behold there sat a sheriff's car. But this guy was not in uniform and was only here to pick up his mail at the post office.  

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