Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day # 72 - Working on the Phillippi Creek

I always get down to the park too late in the afternoon while the County Guys are working at the creek. So today I decided to take a ride along the bike trail in the middle of the day and the timing was just right. The man that works this cat was on the ground inspecting something so I biked up and asked him what they are doing with the creek? He said they are fixing it so we can fish all along the shore, which is going to make the fishermen and fisher women  happy. Anyway they are going to put a four foot rock wall at the creek's edge and then fill in top soil and sow grass. Fix it in a way that they can mow right down to the rocks. On the opposite side of the creek they are going to clear out the underbrush. By the time they get all this done it is going to have a complete different look.

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