Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day # 77 - Annie, My Neighbor

Today I am adding two pictures, because it takes two for Little Annie. For the longest time Annie sat stock still with her ears flipped back, not making a move. I knew what she was watching and waiting for but I didn't know where the squirrel was. The Squirrel was sitting just as stock still on the neighbor's driveway and each one including myself was waiting for the next move. Finally I made the next move and the squirrel took off for the Palm tree. Annie took off full speed until she came to the edge of her yard, just short of the underground shocker for poor dogs trying to escape the yard.  

At the edge of her territory she barked and jumped around in vain wanting to get to the squirrel. She never catches a squirrel but they enjoy teasing each other, rather the squirrel teasing Annie. Annie was gone for a week and I missed her barking after the squirrel or at strangers she doesn't care to meet.

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