Monday, November 28, 2011

Day # 85 - Jumped Out of the Skin

This morning I watched a snake literally jump or crawl out of it's skin. When I went to get my scooter to go shopping at CVS, a snake dropped down in front of me and crawled out of it's skin. I had never killed a snake and wasn't about to kill this one, so I gingerly pulled my scooter out and biked off, with hopes the snake will be gone upon my return. Less than an hour I was back home but I just couldn't make myself look into my storage bin to check if the snake was still in there. I looked around the neighborhood and no car or van was at home. Then I remembered seeing Omar Stoltzfus from Texas mowing Lewis Wagler's yard. I biked down and asked him if he would do me a favor? Of course he said, "Yes". So he walked home with me and opened the lid of the bin and said, "Its gone."  I wasn't satisfied for I saw something yellowish/brown stuck in the hinges and asked Omar to take a look at that thing and there it was, pinched in where it couldn't get out. So I biked down to my niece and grabbed a shovel and later made another trip to get a hoe. By then Rube Smucker, Omar's father-in-law was also here and between the two of them the snake had to die.

This probably explains why I had no more little lizards running to and fro on my porch and the little tree frog is also gone from my storage bin. Well, this is just a way of life for them. 

These two men are my hero's for today.

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  1. GROSSS - but the two funniest things in that story were: "Of course he said YES", and, "...between the two of them the snake had to die." You CRACK ME UPPPP!!