Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day # 87 - Heat/Cold

I begrudgingly give up
my heat,
So these oranges
can be sweet.

It is cold, too cold for November. Around 10:30 this morning I got dressed, even putting on a jacket and shoes. I had my camera and keys and a bit of money to spend around Pinecraft, but when I opened the door a blast of cold air swept in. So I slammed the door and took off my coat and shoes and decided I will stay at home. I waited until late afternoon to go out and then I dressed even warmer and took off for the park, knowing I have to find a photo of something for this blog.  I only went as far as the entrance of the park and saw that only a few, no more than four men were at the shuffleboard. Nor was the county crew working on the creek. I didn't see any homeless and so I turned around and biked to the Deli to get something to eat. On my way to the Deli I came upon these orange trees and realized how happy they are in this cold north wind. So Oranges sweeten up and we will eat you up.

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