Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day # 105 - Clucking Parties

There wasn't much going on at the park except two "Clucking Parties", one for women, which I didn't capture with the camera and this one from the men. Usually I share only one photo on this site but today I need to share a second photo.

This is a very poor shot but it was the best I could do with the sun in my eyes. There was another group of under the pavilion celebrating a child's birthday. But anyway this girl with reminds me of Eve with her long red hair and a personality to match walked up to me and asked why I am so little? I told her God made me like this. No she said, that is not where babies come from. God never had a baby. But after mulling over it a bit she asked if she was God's baby too?

Then she changed the subject and said today is her birthday and she is six years old. I wished her a "Happy Birthday" and she politely said "Thank you" and all that and skipped off to resume her playing in the sand. Suddenly they were singing "Happy Birthday" while she was still in the sand pile. I found out from someone else that it never was her birthday, instead a little boy was having his birthday party. She is indeed one of Eve's descendants, a pretty smart one at that. I like her.

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