Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 107 - Christmas Vacation

For the next two weeks there are going to be children galore in Pinecraft, being it is Christmas Vacation. This is the cutest one today. She is a little Momma, with a baby in the stroller and wearing her Mom's flip-flops. And the grandma to the baby in the stroller is walking next to the Little Momma but I cropped her off as all I got was her backside, plus my point & shoot was at this Momma.

I have one more doctor's appointment tomorrow just for a recheck of my skin cancer and a bit of sewing to finish tonight and then I plan to spend the following week out on the streets. I had a regular recheck. My blood pressure is down and I lost a few pounds. My food expenses are down too, have been for a few months.

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