Monday, December 26, 2011

Day # 113 - An Evening of Music

I can't just post one picture of tonight at Glen Mullets. Earlier today Mary Ellen, Glen's wife invited me to their place tonight for a b it of music. I was the first of the guests to arrive and of course I had no clue who else will be there. But every few minutes there was a knock at the door and in walked people with song book and others had musical instruments, until the room was full. I took pictures where I could without moving around or drawing attention to myself. Before I left I asked them if I may post these pictures. Nobody said, "No" so I took that as a yes. It was a refreshing time of music.


  1. I like the way people of different tribes/sects of amish and menno freely mingle down there.

  2. That is the beauty of Pinecraft. I think this interacting is just a tiny taste of heaven.

  3. You can just tell by the looks on their faces how much they're enjoying that. And of course I love how you think - they didn't say no, so it must mean yes. Crack me up - because I'd think the same thing! ;)