Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day # 95 - Lapp Couple from Perry County

Wayne, my neighbor with a Lapp couple from Perry County PA. Wayne sold his mobile home in Saralakes to this couple. Other years, at least the last two years they had been renting but just recently they bought Wayne's home. Because the Lancaster bus doesn't run until after New Year's this couple took their belongings they want down here to Ohio and caught the Pioneer Trails bus for their ride down here. So here they are after loading their belongs on Wayne's truck.


  1. Katie,
    I found your two blogs after seeing a post on Janet Oberholtzer's blog about meeting you at her book signing at Yoder's the beginning of March. I was in Pinecraft/Sarasota over Christmas 2011 for the first time...the first time of many, as a week ago I married into a family with a long history there. I loved looking through your blogs, and two particular posts stood out to me.

    This was the first one, as I am from Perry County, Pennsylvania...although due to my marriage recently moved away from my beloved Perry County to Lebanon County, PA.

    And the second was your Jan. 14, 2012 post on your other blog...because I am now also related to the new owners of that home! (again, due to marriage)

    As my mother-in-law and aunt are in Florida for the next three weeks, I will be living through your blog posts and their Facebook posts as I wish I was there, too!