Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day # 123 - Sheba's Grief

Sheba is the pet in Abe Weavers' home. Today she faithfully chased the squirrel away from the bird feeder, that is as soon as Abe opened the patio door and let her out.

But then tonight it was a different story. It is Abe's birthday and she was ready and waiting under the table for food, for chicken wings made especially for Abe's birthday dinner. Well, while we were all licking our fingers she was ushered out to the front porch and stayed there until we dined on the fine food. Last night she got sick on her stomach with too much food and Barli thought it best to not let her even have a taste. Abe would have secretly filled her stomach had she stayed.  


  1. HAHAHA! Poor Sheba! How totally unfair that Barli did what was best for her. She propably bitterly wept at the thought of her over eating the night before.

  2. Sheba would feel so at home here. My dogs think my patio door is a big movie screen and chasing squirrels is one of the highlights of life. Well, not my life, but theirs. :)