Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day # 126 The Phillippi Creek (Then & Now)

This picture was taken December 6th while they were working on the east side of the creek. The opposite side was still a mini wilderness and green as green can be. It was a wildlife paradise.

Today that side of the creek looks like this. Whenever both sides of the Phillippi Creek get reseeded and more trees and shrubs planted it will be beautiful. On the opposite side of the west bank there is a pond or mini lake which also belongs to the park. It was donated to the park many years ago by Mrs Craft but it is only now being made available to the public. It probably was always public, except not many people in Pinecraft knew it, although the homeless did and made good use of it. Eighteen months ago the homeless had made a "Tent Town" in that area. For a short time it was okay. The police knew about it and kept their eye on it and checked it out every now and then. But the time came when they had to pack up and leave because they had no sewer system and it stank. At least that is the story I heard. But when finished all that land will be a part of the Pinecraft Park.

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