Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day # 146 - Pinecraft's Road Rage

This was taken in front of Yoder's Fresh Market late this morning. It blocked traffic every which way, regardless of whether you were coming or going. And so a number of customers coming or going had to wait until an old couple crawled out of the van. But that wasn't the worse, as soon as they crawled out they were met by friends or family and everyone had to greet them. And while they shook hands, hugged and greeted one another, one-half of the parking lot came to a stand-still. The cars wanting to come in and shop couldn't because they were blocked. The cars finished shopping couldn't get out because they were blocked. I sat behind the hydro pole and watched it all. My blood pressure went up just a little bit. I got a little bit hot under the collar. My hair bun started, no it was my pony tail... Well I am not going to say what my pony tail did. Finally the van backed out into Bahia Vista and crawled on without causing an accident.       

I biked to where the buses were going to unload and as soon as the buses came in, the street was blocked too but it was a side street and not a four-lane Bahia Vista.

I think I need to stay home on my dead-end street and play in the soil with these little boy. This is Saturday, the end of the week and Yoder's will be closed tomorrow and if I want to, I can have the streets to myself for a few hours tomorrow morning and by afternoon I will be ready for the crowds again.

I do enjoy the winter with all the people, even if the road rage gets to me about once or twice. I do enjoy the summer months when Pinecraft is a ghost town and the peace and quiet gets to me too. These two extremes balance out each year.  


  1. I was trying to picture people in the parking lot greeting each other as cars sit waiting ;) :) We're having really nice weather here on the coast of California. Today is was really sunny and the water was unbelievably blue ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. I would love to see Pinecraft at it's height of busy season and it low! Your pictures are so great!

  3. This is the reason or one reason for this Pinecraft Road-Rage, in the summer time when we are alone Pinecraft belongs to us. By us I mean the local residence, the people who live in Pinecraft year round. But Pinecraft also belongs to a number of homeless who come in during the day, for they feel safe and it is quiet. At the park they have electricity, good bathrooms, fire pits. They are very respectful to us. Pinecraft is also home to all sorts of other people. But come October/November the homeless leave for Pinecraft is no longer belongs to them. The other sort of people leave because Pinecraft does not belong to them. The regular normal summer people stay in Pinecraft but they fade into the woodwork. Then Pinecraft belongs to the Snowbirds. They set the pace and make the unspoken rules. The streets become playgrounds and meeting & greeting places. As a whole I enjoy winter here until I get stuck in a traffic jam, just because they wanted to visit on the spot right where they were. They don't care a hoot if they hold up traffic six ways because Pinecraft belongs to them...

  4. Can you imagine people that have to sit on highways in traffic everyday?? I'd go bananas!! My guess is the ones causing the traffic jam down there don't use the word "hurry" real often. LOL

  5. You said it was an elderly couple...were there any health difficulties? I am hoping that there are are handicapped parking spots...perhaps this could have been a solution but it may have just been thoughtlessness.