Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day # 151 - The Best Looking Guys...

These are the best looking guys on my street. Of course I have the cutest gals on my street too, my great nieces Leila and Kylie. I don't have a picture of them today but I have posted them a number of times. These are my landlord's grandsons, staying next door. Today for the first time Amos the oldest didn't run or turn his back whenever I got out my camera. But today was different. I had a bag of cookies in the bike basket and Amos spotted them, so he was waiting behind my back.  Well, instead of sharing my cookies, because I wanted them, because they were given as a gift to me, I turned around and shot a few pictures of the brothers.

Later in the day I got is shot of Amos giving Jay bike rides.