Monday, February 6, 2012

Day # 155 - Down Pour

The rain clouds wanted to prove me wrong and they sure did. I biked to where the Pioneer Bus was loading to head back north when I noticed some dark clouds coming in from the north, but gave them very little thought as we haven't had much rain in a long time. And when we got a few hard sprinkles someone mentioned about getting wet and I boasting said, "We are not getting much of a rain." I think the clouds heard me boast and so they turned west to the Sarasota Bay and loaded up with water and came to Pinecraft, coming in from the south and gave it to us with a mighty downpour. All the passengers scrambled for the bus, and as more passengers came they simply got wet while stowing their luggage. I got a few shots from my sheltered spot under a carport. Looks like two part-time bus drivers sharing an umbrella: Lloyd Kauffman and Jacob Miller. The bus left in the downpour as nobody messed around saying all kinds of "Good-byes".

1 comment:

  1. I call this God's sense of humor ... (but I won't laugh at you...this time!) :-|