Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day # 171 - Niki Meek

Niki Meek (Reporter/Producer) from Brooklyn was sent to Pinecraft. She boarded the Pioneer Trails bus in Sugarcreek Ohio in order to get to her destination. I think she wanted to get the feel of riding the bus with a load of people headed to the same place, Pinecraft. En route she visited or interviewed as many people as she could. The people that gave their consent to be interviewed. Among those people were at least two bishops, Rube Andy and Roy J. C. Yoder and many other people including two of my Little People friends from Charm Ohio. Here she is getting directions how to get to the fishing pier tomorrow on 
South Lido Beach. She was born a Mormon but has left that religion and moved East. It doesn't take long to warm up to her because she is a people person and has a keen interest in people, because she was born into a religious group but has chosen to leave. She understands us and yet she has lots of questions. I will be waiting to read the story after it is in print.  

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