Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day # 175 - Will Stoltz

It looks like these children are in church or playing church, but instead they are watching and listening as Will Stoltz sets up the sound system for tonight's music at the park.  I know very little about Will Stoltz except he comes out of Lancaster and did his recording at Nashville TN. In order to sell his music he had to change his last name, so he dropped the "fus" from Stoltzfus. I think Lancaster County out-numbered all the rest of the people at the park. Many youth were present from the Spring Garden area, especially the youth. It was a good evening. 


  1. I work for his mom. Very kind lady!!! She's there as well, meet her if you have a chance! -Amy Yoder

  2. I have a cousin who dropped the "fus" from their name. She just got tired of it being mispronounced.