Friday, March 2, 2012

Day # 180 - Book Signing at Yoder's

This morning when I stopped in at Yoder's Gift Shop I found out that there is going to be a book signing on their porch from 2-4 PM. The person that told me about the upcoming book signing didn't know who  the authors so I decided to return and find out who is doing the book signing. Imagine my surprise when one was Janet Oberholtzer! Janet is on the right. The title of her book is "Because I Can". It is her story of... well I haven't read the book yet, but I bought it and look forward to reading it. Here is her website
I bought the books and a few hours later I came home minus the book. I thought maybe it slipped out of the bike basket, but ruled that out because nothing that big has ever slipped out before. I did some serious thinking and realized I don't remember even putting the book in my bike basket, so off I went back to Yoder's and retrieved the book. 

The lady on the left is Janelle Shantz Hertzler. She lost her husband. Her way of dealing with the grieve and healing she wrote poems and published a beautiful book. If you google her name, you will find a few websites. she also has an incredible story.


  1. I will check this out she looks so young to have lost a husband. glad you found your book.

  2. Check them both out! Janet's story is so inspiring to me while I am continuing to recover from my accident!
    Thanks for sharing this! Glad you found your book!

  3. Hi Katie!
    It was so great meeting you!
    Thanks for coming out that day.