Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day # 199 - Amos & Jay

Amos & Jay are my landlord's grandsons and live next door to me. Basically in the main house from the property I rent. Leila & Kylie my great niece live in the adjoining apartment. So there are two little brothers and two little sisters living next door. I have had many an opportunity to photograph them at their play. I get the best pictures when they are totally oblivious of me. This is one such shot I took tonight at the park. Jay the youngest can't care less of how many pictures I shoot. He probably doesn't know what I am doing, but not so with Amos. when I shoot more that two pictures he gets antsy and doesn't know what to do with himself. That is the then that I bike off and leave him in peace. When they all leave for their northern homes I will probably miss these four children the most for they have been a big part of my Pinecraft Life this winter.

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