Monday, March 26, 2012

Day # 204 - A Slow, Relaxing Life

Pinecraft is still alive but on a much smaller scale, much quieter pace. Men still play checkers at the park and all shuffleboard lanes are full. The Bocce Balls have been put in storage. I imagine they are in the closet  but there are not enough people around that want to play. In another six weeks or less we will be a Ghost Town, with an occasional visitor. And yet Pinecraft won't be empty. A few of the homeless or almost homeless were in on Saturday and also other people will be bringing their little children to play in the park because it is a safe environment. Other people will be walking the streets in the cool of the day. The locals will be seeing more of other locals. It is going to be a slow, relaxing life. There won't be any standing in line at Big Olaf for those who lick ice cream. There will be no standing in line at Yoder's for a good hot meal. There will be no waiting around inside Troyer's when it is time to eat. It is going to be a slow, relaxing life. But we will be ready to have you all back again next winter.

1 comment:

  1. You are definitely looking on the bright side of a quiet waiting in line. I will think of Big Olaf's and Yoder's and all my new (and old) friends fondly until winter comes around again.! :)