Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day # 207 - Boudy Keim's Great-Grandchildren

I never know who I am going to meet up with in Pinecraft. Tonight I biked to the park and stretched my neck around a bit to see what all is going on and where I want to be. I saw children playing in the sand and so I took the bike trail to take a look at them. One lone mother was sitting at a picnic table next to the sand pile. We just up and started visiting like we had known each other forever. The truth is we had never met before but I knew three of these boys' great-grandparents. The great-grandparents on the boys' Daddy's side are Enos Weaver and Puncha Abe. Enos Weaver's Levi married Puncha Abe's Betty, which are the grandparents to these boys. The boys' mother is Boudy Keim's Abe's daughter. Boudy's given name is Albert Keim or Bert for short. For a short time we lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same church district many moons ago in the Orrville/Apple Creek Ohio area. Boudy's then moved to Ashland Ohio to spare their children the horrors of Rumspringa in Holmes County. Back then Rumsprings mend drinking beer and doing all kinds of weird wild stuff. But anyway by and by a few generations later I meet their great grandchildren in Florida.

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