Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day # 213 - A Preacher of Truth

This man with his back turned is a preacher of Truth. He preached the truth on Sunday in the Amish church salvation in Jesus Christ, about the assurance of Salvation. If I understand correctly the summary of his message was 1John 3:1-6, especially verse 6; "so if we continue to live in Him, we won't sin..." I wasn't in the Amish church service on Sunday and so I didn't hear him preach, but my Amish neighbors told me about it. 

Before they boarded the bus to head for home his son wanted to tell me "Good-bye" because he admired my bike every time he saw me.  The Daddy asked me to pray for them so they can continue to live and preach the Truth. Truly God raises up godly men from every tribe & clan to present the truth and to live the truth. To God be the glory.

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  1. Wow - very powerful. It just makes me realize when I feel like I've given up on somebody that HE is bigger and more powerful and HE never gives up on anyone, so why should I?? I'm so glad you shared that.