Monday, April 16, 2012

Day # 225 - Eye Level with Enos

This is how to get down on my eye level. This is something that has changed for the better down through the years. In my Amish culture no adult would ever get down eye level with me to visit unless we were both sitting on chairs. It just wasn't done and I never gave it a thought that they ought to. Back then it was mend as a joke, yet it was 100% true when one man told me "Everyone bows down to you." I shot back, "I look up to everybody." He admitted it is the truth and we left it at that.


  1. What a wonderful picture of you, Katie!!! I Love it....

  2. And I love the mischievous grin of this fellow on the ground!

  3. Haha!! I remember how shockingly short you were when I first saw you. I saw you walk around a table, and now when my children are the same height as you, I often think of you when they walk around a table and I see just the tops of their heads over it.