Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day # 244 - Struffle Kup

I know that most of my pictures are those of my great-nieces but I don't care as in less than two weeks they will be here no more. By the way "Struffle Kup" means messy hair in Amish Language. If I remember correctly her grandmother used to have hair hanging in eyes all the time too as a little girl, just like this except they were less blond. 

I promised the girls each a crochet hat like I am wearing next week. Kylie wants a pink one and Leila a blue/brown one.


  1. Those 2 girls are the cutest kids. I adore seeing their pictures and hearing of their antics. I bet you will miss them. Janet Rader

  2. I love seeing their pictures. And messy hair usually means unless they were throwing a fit, they were probably having the time of their lives ~ TOO cute! ♥

  3. I love the pics of your nieces. They are absolute darlings. I knew their mother back in her school days at Chestnut Ridge. And I can see bits & pieces of their mother in these little sweethearts. We'll be looking forward to seeing them later in the year. Safe travels to them back to Ohio.