Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day # 248 - Joanna Stoltzfus

Recently one evening I met Joanna at the park. We were both out biking for exercise and on the spur of the moment I blurred out, "I bet you miss Linda." She covered her face and started sobbing. Her Sister Linda had moved down from Lancaster about three years ago to be close to her Mother and Joanna. They spend time together on the average every day. Then a year ago Linda had surgery in removing a cancerous tumor and passed away six or so weeks ago. She had gotten better but never fully recovered. Later I wondered why I just blurred out that statement about missing Linda but yet I didn't necessarily feel sorry I did. 

Today I know why I made that statement, for Joanna and I met on the street and she asked me if I want to bike with her Estrada Street to check Linda's mailbox? I turned my bike around and followed her. We didn't talk much but we didn't need words, for we were together in checking Linda's mailbox. She misses Linda and knows I care about her feelings...

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