Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day # 261 - Pinecraft Village Meeting

Year round residents after the Pinecraft Village Meeting tonight.
Left to right: John Troyer, Crist Petersheim, Reuben Yoder, Marie Beachy, Thomas Peachey and I think John Yoder. 

Tonight was the 4th Pinecraft Village Meeting with various county commissioners. The previous meeting we voiced our likes and dislikes and opinions and what we want as a community very openly. This meeting we had the results of that meeting. 

1. A premium Scat Bus run going directly from Pinecraft to Siesta Beach during the tourist months. This will eliminate the dozens' of bikes tied up at the corner of Tuttle and Bahia Vista about a mile from Pinecraft, where the Siesta run picks up passengers. 

2. Ten more street lights to light up Pinecraft streets, meaning there are not going to be dark corners in Pinecraft.

3. Making the crosswalks more safe.

4. Teaching bicycle safety courses, starting in January. Along with these courses is enforcing the laws, giving friendly warnings and writing out a few tickets. I think there is going to be more law and order among the tourist in Pinecraft this winter. 

5. The new playground equipment is being installed this week.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2012.


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