Friday, May 25, 2012

Day # 264 - Cliques, Clans, Cultures

What do cliques, clans and cultures have in common with a clove of garlic? This morning when I dissected this clove of garlic to throw into the crock pot I closely looked at it in amazement and wonder. They all stick together and form a tight knit circle, and then they wrapped themselves in many layers to protect themselves from the outside world. Just this observation reminded me of the strength of cliques, clans and cultures when they stick together in  circles or groups and don't let anything from the outside influence them or allow anything else to join them. They don't want change and will let nothing change them. This is their strength. 

Their weakness is after a while they stink.


  1. The stink part is so true!! Love the analogy!

  2. You make me smile!
    The analogy reminds me of Albert Wendt's short story "I Will be Our Saviour from the Bad Smell"