Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day # 268 - Future Fishermen

These two brothers try their hand at fishing whenever they come to the park. If I remember correctly their great-great-grandpa John Schlabach from the Pleasant Hill Elevator loved to fish. So far they haven't caught any fish yet but sooner or later they will have their first fresh fish fry.

Tonight I spent my whole evening at the park visiting with various people who were also just out biking or fishing. Nelson & Martha Beachy from Plain City Ohio are here for a week in celebration of Martha's birthday, their anniversary and Mother's Day.


  1. Something about little boys and fishing that gets me every time. I also love the couple bicycling - looks like he still likes watching his bride. ha ha You get the perfect shot every time.

  2. LOL! ImP!! Katie sure does a good job, eh? I know she doesn't just sit there waiting for kids to be cute, etc. How do they know to act so cute (biking couples, too) just for Katie?

    1. They didn't know I was taking pictures. Instead they were just doing their own thing. This is the way I like to take pictures.

  3. Mom looks like a very confident fisher. This fishing lesson may count as a homeschool class.