Friday, June 8, 2012

Day # 278 - Life

What is life? Generations come and generations go. 
It doesn't matter if it is a generation of humans, of animals or of plant life. 
Each one has it's time to be born or sprouted. 
Each one has it's time to grow and mature. 
Each one has it's time to reproduce seed after it's own kind. 
And each one moves on to make room for the next generation...

Today I stopped and observed these two flowers, one had bloomed beautifully and I biked past it every day admiring the beauty of that flower. Today it is dying, but another bud is next to the old one slowly getting ready to bloom and take the place of the spent flower. 

As long as the Master keeps his eye on the on the vine, prunes it back and does whatever it takes to keep it healthy there will be more after it's own kind...

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