Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day # 275 - Pioneer Bus Run

I only took two pictures today. I am posting one of them now as I plan to watch Amish: Out of Order from National Geographic. Tonight it is about us in Sarasota. I don't have TV, although I wish like a time like this that I would have one. A long time ago one of my friends here in Pinecraft invited me to come to her house if or when I want to watch this show and so tonight I took up her offer and plan to spend the evening with her, along with a few other people. 

LaVerne Slabaugh and Dave Stoltzfus were the drivers. The first thing I noticed were the two coffins. It is that time of the year again to order a few from Indiana to keep on hand just in case there is a need for one.


  1. Oh wow, coffins - never thought of that. Have fun with your friends tonight! I'll probably tape it (or DVR it or whatever it is now) and watch it tomorrow. Enjoy ~

  2. I just saw you sitting at the dinner table on the TV show!!

    1. I saw myself too watching TV at my friend's place.

  3. Oh no kidding; that must have been weird seeing that!