Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day # 307 - Welcome Back, Daniel

Daniel Fisher the founder and first editor of the Pinecraft Pauper returns to Pinecraft. His plans are to stay for a month and from then on, who knows? This morning while I was biking to Yoder's Produce I saw him coming down the street toward me. My first thoughts were, "That looks like Daniel Fisher" and sure enough it was!

Daniel is an artist, a writer, a school teacher and a cook. He painted a picture of my parents, which I have on my wall. My old neighbors recognized Dad & Mom when they saw the picture, which means he is a good artist. Of course being editor of the Pinecraft Pauper means he is a writer. He worked in Yoder's Restaurant for years cooking, so he is a cook. He left Pinecraft and taught school, so that makes him a teacher. He walked the Appalachian Trail some years ago, so that makes him a hiker. He biked out west, so that makes him a biker...

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