Monday, July 9, 2012

Day # 309 - Limited Choices

Tonight I have very limited choices of picture to post. I didn't get out biking until almost dark due to the rain. It didn't rain much, only enough of a drizzle to keep me inside.

I did notice the Beachy House on Kaufman got every last privacy tree cut down and hauled away today. There used to be a row of Cedar trees on each side of the drive. But I am sure there is a good reason for cutting down the trees.

My second option of a picture is a beautiful sunset after the rain. I have already taken so many sunset pictures over this very same dead tree numerous times.

This is the third picture I took. It looks like something from the nutter world. This is from the Garden of Eden at the end of my street. Every evening at 8:30 the lights open up their eyes and shine up on the trees and shrubs. I think I will blame a mosquito for messing up this picture as it was fixing to suck blood from my arm. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the sunset picture. I could see 100 pictures in a row of sunsets and never get bored. ♥