Monday, July 23, 2012

Day # 323 - My Parents' Nightstand

 About forty years ago Dad made this bookcase or whatever we called it. It was one of his first pieces of furniture he made. He used what he had on hand. The case is a wooden box turned on it's side. He screwed two wooden blocks on the bottom to attached casters onto. The top is a cupboard door panel with a piece of Formica glued on top. 

Then Mom covered it with contact paper that made it look like hardwood. Mom and Dad used it for a night stand/bookcase. Of course it had a kerosene light and an alarm clock on top. Tonight I happened to see the marks underneath the top where they would strike the matches to make them burst into flame to "stick on the light". 

I got this piece at Dad's sale and brought it down because I needed something for my printer to sit on and a shelf to store  printing paper and stuff.

But tonight I exchanged it for this filing cabinet that Mel and Mary gave to me. The reason I took this is because it hides a multitude of clutter. 

Does anyone in the family want the piece Dad made? I saved it for the time being and I can get it shipped up to Ohio if someone one wants it.

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