Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day # 328 - Reflections...

Gone home from my evening bike ride I stopped to say, "Hi" to a congregation of Mourning doves sitting row upon row on the wires. The way these birds used me was a reminder of my ride to the park tonight. All of the Mourning doves ignored me except one and that one was outright rude. He literally turned his back on me. I got the message, "Go away and leave us alone."

I biked to the park, I looked in under the pavilion. I always do before I get there and sometimes I just politely bike pass and go down to the creek. Other times I turn in, depending on who is there. Tonight I biked straight on, because I saw a drunk and a preacher sitting face to face but were not talking. I saw a man and a woman who are good friends and a few children that are not their own. After I passed the pavilion I had second thoughts and so turned around and went back, for I wanted to feel the air, the atmosphere of the drunk and the preacher and the man and woman. Much to my surprise and delight, the air was clear. There was no tension, for each person was comfortable in their own skin, unlike the Mourning Dove that turned its back on me.


  1. Now what did you do that caused that bird to place you in the "Bahn"?

    1. I think it is against his church rules to pose for a picture, so it did what some people do, flip around and show your backside.