Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day # 333 - Ira Wagler

I greatly enjoyed my day in Lancaster just doing whatever. One of the high lights was visiting with Ira Wagler after his day of work. He came to where I am staying and so sweet Katie Beiler was in on the visiting too. As a gift Ira gave her his book, autographed especially for her. 

I always look forward to seeing Ira, which leads back to Ira & I both living at Aylmer Ontario in the past. We never lived there during the same time, for his parents moved to Bloomfield IA in the fall of 1976 and I moved to Aylmer in the spring of 1977. But even so I saw him occasionally and learned to know his parents quite well. Then our lives parted for years until I found his blog on the Internet and in June of 2011 was the first time we met in person at his book signing at Berlin Ohio.


  1. Ira is a very nice person and so are you. I am sure it was a meeting of two great minds and talents; one skilled in writing and the other skilled in photography. From Carol Ellmore

  2. this is a great pic of my sweet grandma, was good visiting with you today karen smucker

    1. Same to you. I hope we get to visit again.

  3. She looks like a sweetie - glad you're having a good time and got to see Ira again.