Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day # 360 - Trent & Kayla Rose Hershberger

 Two week old Kayla Rose, God formed and made her after the same pattern He formed me,
a Little Person.

This is her older brother Trent who is very protective of his baby sister. Trent and I are kindred spirits. He is the most inquisitive little boy, even if he can't ask questions because he can't talk except a few words. His wanting to know everything runs in the family. His great-great-great-grandfather was Honsamony and Honsamony is my great-grandfather. For the rest of you Honsamony cousins it goes this way: Honsamony begat Katie, Katie begat Alvin, Alvin begat Myron, Myron begat Myron Junior, Myron Junior begat Trent. (Katie was married to Simon Hershberger.) My linage was Honsaomny begat Jacob, Jacob begat Barbara, Barbara begat Katie (me). This is the reason we are kindred spirits and thirst after knowledge and are very much aware of our surroundings. 


  1. Dear Katie, these children are beautiful! I just LOVE the picture of you holding baby Kayla... a little girl who will grow up to be a fine young woman, just like her cousin Katie :-) And your kindred spirit, Trent, will surely have lots to say when he grows up, too!

  2. You are very close to 365, Katie. I do hope that you will continue sharing with us all.
    THANK YOU for what you've shared so far.

    1. I am going to quit this project on Day # 365, but I am still going to post on Pinecraft-Sarasota blog and and also do some writing.