Friday, October 12, 2012

Year 2, Day # 18 - My Perspective

I am dyslexia, at least I have been told I am. It is the problem of seeing things from the opposite end of the spectrum. In school it mend seeing numbers backward like 91 is 19. In school this is a hindrance. In everyday life it is a plus, seeing the end result of something, of a happening in the making. Not only am I dyslexia in my brain. I also see almost everything from the bottom up because of my size, instead of straight eye level. So this is how I see Victor and his wife. They are a jolly old couple.


  1. Oh they look like such fun to be around. Love ya just as you are hon!

  2. Katie, you make me smile! I read your posts everyday and enjoy your thoughts so much. I'm glad you decided to keep posting.

  3. What an asset for a photographer -- to see the end before the beginning!