Friday, October 19, 2012

Year 2, Day # 25 - Adam & Eve Talk

This Eve is listening with her whole heart to her Adam. I actually don't know who they are, nor do I know their names. I don't know if they are husband and wife or workers. This was taken at a work place and I was sitting in a van.


  1. It might be Adam and Eve but their loin cloths are pretty big, so I'm not sure. Thanks for the camera info earlier, by the way, I'm getting excited for something new.

    1. No, no you didn't see what they are wearing below the camera' view. What is the something new? Is it the camera?

  2. Looks more like Moses handing down the law.

  3. Nice, they do seem to be in deep conversation.
    I was just looking at your Project 365 photos. I'm doing the project myself and like looking at ideas others get for their project. :)