Thursday, October 25, 2012

Year 2, Day # 31 - Him, Again

 Late this afternoon I biked up with Sherry Gore to Big Olaf for a dish of ice cream. We both needed a break of whatever we were doing. And there we met him again and his grandmother Magdalena. While Magdalena and Sherry were talking I asked him if his name is Alvin? No, he said it is Allen. Next I ask if I may take another picture? After saying "Yes" to my question, he turned and looked just like he did in the previous picture of him from yesterday. So today I told him he may look at me and so he did. 

I am assuming Allen gets dropped off at the Pinecraft Post Office after school hours and when the Post Office closes at 4:00, he catches a ride on the back of Grandma's bike. He sits quite comfortable on the lunch box, with still enough leg room and Grandma's briefcase in the bike basket.


  1. PRICELESS. That's all I have to say. He's going to love that picture when he's older (riding on the back of grandma's bike). What a great memory that will be.

    1. I met his Grandma and Aunt Esther this morning at the post office this morning and they love these pictures of him. He also has a little sister with the same beautiful hair.