Monday, November 5, 2012

Year 2, Day # 42 - My Morning Bike Ride

 I am posting four pictures today instead of just one, simply because I also went to the Chalk 
Festival and I want to post those pictures on my Pinecraft/Sarasota Blog.

I biked to Miller's Bike Shop to get my bike oiled and greased up for the winter. It had a few dry squeaks in it. I also bought a head and tail light for the scooter. with winter coming and long dark evenings, I want to be well lid up.

 This is just one row of bikes Marvin has ready for bike renters. When I arrived Marvin was busy with another customer and so I biked off for 45 minutes, seeing what else is going on.

 I didn't bike far as just around the corner they were cementing Mel Riegsecker's circle drive. I hung around for a while. Any man working for for Peter Wagler will get into shape or quit on the job. 

And along came the Vernon Hochstetler and his poodle.

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