Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Year 2, Day # 44 - Big Olaf Ice Cream

 When I first saw the dog, he was being spoon fed. But within seconds after seeing me he raised the biggest fuss by barking loud enough for the whole neighborhood to crane their necks. 

So in order to shut him up, she offered him the whole container of Big Olaf ice cream. I am suspicious the ice cream was her husband's because he emerged from the washroom as soon as I was gone. 

It was the same washroom that had a lady locked in on Saturday afternoon. I don't know the details except the police were ushered and also a firetruck. But by the time the firetruck arrived someone rescued the lady by taking the door off it's hinges. And the poor woman didn't mess around. As soon as she was free she zoomed for their car and they took off.

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