Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Year 2, Day # 57 - Amish Mafia

Today I met up with these five children and a caretaker. I took a number pictures capturing their moments. On this blog I am using just one picture and I chose this one because of the conversation I had on my way out of the park.

In talking about Breaking Amish and the upcoming Amish Mafia on TV, I asked the question, "Is there such a thing as an Amish Mafia?" I was assured that yes there is and Sam Mullet's gang is one of them. All Amish Mafia have their beginnings somewhere. There is always a group and there is always a leader with power.

This could be the beginnings of a Pinecraft Mafia, although today this was done in fun, fun for the cousins and siblings but I don't know about Adam. 

I was told when Holmes County Ohio was deciding which village is to be the county seat it was between Berlin or Millersburg, it got so heated that a wagon load of men drove to Berlin to get this dispute settled. They were met by a man of physical strength coming from the clan of Klines. He picked up a walking plow and threw it on the wagon and broke five legs. Needless to say the wagon turned around and went back to Millersburg.

Obviously Amish Mafia's has always been around. In my great-grandpa's time each little village had its gang.


  1. Not hard to tell whose children these blondies are.

  2. Know what you are talking about! My brother and I went to a Mennonite school, we were never accepted and made fun of, because we were not related to anyone! It was a terrible experience going to school there! Yet we dressed the same, and they would still make fun of us.

    1. I am not pointing fingers at these children. Sarah told them to stop throwing stuff and they did. The reason I posted what I did is because I am hearing about Amish gang activities in Holmes County that happened in my great-grandfather's time. Every gang has to have its start somewhere...