Friday, November 30, 2012

Year 2, Day # 67 -Glass Jugs

This morning I went to Yard Sales looking for gallon size glass jugs. I knew they were hard to find but every now and then you do find a jug or so. I couldn't find any. After checking two Yard Sales I decided to bike around a bit and went down Gardenia Street just for the fun of it. I saw Lester Hostetler who works for Big Olaf in his shop. I stopped and asked him if he knew where I could buy glass jugs? He told me I can't buy any but he knows where I can get some. He walked into his house and came out with these two, only two jugs because this is all I can get on my scooter. Big Olaf buys its Vanilla in these gallon jugs for their Vanilla ice cream and once the jugs are empty Big Olaf has no use for them and Lester takes them home. Daniel Fisher sanitized them this summer while he was staying with Lester and so they are ready to go. 

I bought a quart of Blackberries from Yoder's tonight to go into one of these jugs in a week from today. I will add syrup and air lock it and set it on my fridge for most of a year.


  1. Katie, are you making blackberry wine? Sounds like a winner to me.
    jodie from MO

  2. One of Blackberry and the second one is for Mango, because the Mango was on special yesterday.I make Blackberry the most.