Thursday, December 13, 2012

Year 2, Day # 80 - Jimmy

Today I went to see Jimmy in Venice. He wanted a couch taken out of his apartment and hauled away. He didn't care where the old couch went after it leaves is apartment but just somewhere, anywhere. I offered to find someone to take me down get the job done. A few days later I met up with Steve and Bonnie Koehn and asked Steve and he gladly said, "Yes". The couch was more than one man can handle and so Steve asked Warren for help. After a lot of phone calls and text messages with Jimmy, we went down this afternoon. Removing the couch from his apartment was a done deal in a hurry, but that is okay. I was expecting a short, done deal for today. I am hoping that after today Jimmy will have more friends.


  1. Enjoyed this picture, specially cause Steves live just an hour from us and we got to the same church. Is the lady in the picture Warren's wife? Your pictures are still a highlight of my day. :-)

  2. Thanks, Katie. Haven't seen them for a long time, so hadn't realized how gray she is. :-) We actually go to sister churches, therefore the reason not seeing each other very often.