Friday, December 21, 2012

Year 2, Day # 88 - Benefit Supper

Today was probably the coldest day this winter. With the strong northwest wind it was no fun biking. It just took the wind out of me, especially biking north and west. When I biked to the park tonight for the Benefit Supper and Auction, I realized it is too cold for me to hang around and so I bought a meal and took it home to eat and enjoy the warmth of my house. I did take a few shots at the beginning of the food like. These are Lydia Mae Schwartz, Mary & Rub Schmucker, Robert Yoder's wife (can't think of her name). Way in the back is Barb Hochstetler Troyer. 

We are supposed to have two more days cold, then warm up again in time for Christmas Day. There are going to be many more Benefit Suppers big crowds of people to take in and photo shoot, even if I missed the best of tonight.

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